We are AEON (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD ( “AEON Cambodia”); and we own and operate this website  www.aeononlineshopping.com (the "Site").


Welcome to the Site. AEON Cambodia provides the Site for visiting and shopping. Service providing under the Site is subject to terms and conditions set forth below, which may be updated from time to time (the “Terms and Conditions”); and it is recommended to review the Site and the Terms and Conditions from time to time. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully.



Customers who can purchase products from AEON Cambodia through the Site are those who have had necessary information correctly registered to the Site or related sites and have accepted all terms, conditions, policies and notices and our Privacy Policy stated herein.



1.     Customers may browse the Site for placing order/ purchasing products.  By clicking “adding to cart” on the Site, it is considered as Customers’ placing the order with AEON Cambodia.

2.     Upon Customers complete order placing via the Site, AEON Cambodia will reply an order confirmation by either e-mail or SMS to confirm the received order. The order confirmation shall not in itself constitute acceptance of the order by AEON Cambodia, save that where order for any product(s) is rejected or cancelled by AEON Cambodia by whatever reason.

3.     All orders made by Customers are subject to stock availability. Customers acknowledge that AEON Cambodia reserves right to cancel, amend or reject Customers’ order in whole or in part, at any time and without liability or compensation, where any product is out of stock, damaged or spoilt, or unavailable for other reason, however, payment having been made for order shall be reversed or refunded by AEON Cambodia based on prevailing refund policy at such time.

4.     Total price per order will be less than US$500 (Five Hundred United States Dollars) (including tax).


Delivery Place, Time and Fee Charge

1.     Ordered products will be delivered to Customers to designated location by courier staff.  

2.     By placing order, Customers are given 2 delivery location options with time and fee charge:

a)   Home Delivery: Home Delivery can be arranged within 2 hours from time AEON Cambodia replies an order confirmation to Customers (limited to Phnom Penh area only) and delivery fee is based on selected location and appears on the Site upon Customers make order.

b)    MaxValu Store Delivery: MaxValu Store Delivery is arranged based on delivery timetable with free delivery fee appearing on the Site upon Customers place order. However, Customers may choose other delivery time other than free delivery timetable, and delivery is charged.

3.     Delivery condition may be altered by notifying Customers after change is decided to be made.


Payment Method

1.     Order amount is based on price of ordered product on the Site upon Customer places order.

2.     Payment of the ordered product fee and delivery fee if any can be selected by Customers:

a)     For credit card, Customers need to pay in advance through online platform. Aeon Mummy Card and Aeon Credit Card for Aeon Day promotion are not applied.

b)    For cash on delivery, Customers need to pay upon receiving products to courier staff, subject to prior AEON Cambodia’s approval if delivery place address is not same as Customers’ one.

c)     For cash, credit card or e-money for MaxValu Store Delivery, Customers need to pay to cashier at the cashier counter of such Maxvalu Store upon picking up the products.


3.     Aeon Point Card for points saving will be applied upon notification from AEON Cambodia.


Product Delivery

1.     Customers can freely choose the delivery date, time and place available on the Site.

2.     Delivery of the products will be entrusted to courier company designated by AEON Cambodia.

3.     Status of order can be confirmed/ tracked on the Site. There are three statuses of order such as: PENDING, PROCESSING and DELIVERING. Customers shall confirm their status through the Site immediately before Customers make any change of their order.

4.     AEON Cambodia does not accept that change of delivery terms after order is placed except as set forth below conditions:

a)    Change of delivery date and Time:  If Customers wish to change delivery date and time, Customers may change via Customer Service Center during PENDING. AEON Cambodia may change as requested by Customer at AEON Cambodia’s sole discretion; however, AEON Cambodia is not able to guarantee quality if they are fresh products.

b)    Change of delivery place: If change of delivery place is required, Customers may contact Customer Service Center during PENDING. Such request of delivery place change may be permitted at AEON Cambodia’s sole discretion. If the change is made, delivery fee charge will be changed automatically based on new designated place whichever is higher.

c)    Change of delivery item: Customers may choose to add the order and/or cancel partial order or all order during PENDING or PROCESSING through the Site or Customer Service Center. To clarify, cancel order cannot be accepted upon order status is at DELIVERING.

5.     Customer Service Center’s information is available on the Site.


Exchange, Refund and Return

1.     If there is any defect of product or mistake in delivery, Customers may return products and request AEON Cambodia to either (i) exchange products or (ii) refund the equivalent amount of the returned products and delivery fee charge. 

a)    If Customers choose to exchange products, delivery fee charge in this case is borne by AEON Cambodia and Customers shall contact Store Customer Service Center for this exchange.

b)    Refund under this Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with procedure proposed by AEON Cambodia, once AEON Cambodia receives the returned product from Customers. In case of payment with credit card or e-money, refund is also made by credit card or e-money and the relevant expenses necessary for refund shall be borne by Customer. The length of time for the refund process will differ based on the payment method selected.

2.     For return of products, AEON Cambodia will accept such return from Customers within 7 (Seven) calendar days from time of arrival of products based on regulations of AEON Cambodia and upon products cannot meet Customers’ request. Delivery fee charge if any will be borne by Customers. However, due to nature of products, AEON Cambodia does not accept for any reason returned products, including but not limited product for discount sales, promotion item, gift items, products after use, items removed price tags, perishable and delica items, hygiene products, underwear, swimsuit and products with direct contact with skin, food, cosmetics, detergents, Video DVD, CD, magazines, book. Customers shall contact Customer Service Center.


Limitation of Liability

1.     AEON Cambodia may suspend or cancel operation of this Site at any time without prior notice.

2.     In no event shall total liability on any claims from Customer in connection with defect in product purchased by such Customer exceed price of such defected products. AEON Cambodia is not responsible for any indirect damage caused by defects in the product. 

3.     As for the method of using product, it is assumed that Customers read, understand and follow indication/ instruction of product at customer's responsibility, and AEON Cambodia will not be responsible for any damage caused by error in the use of the product.

4.     For color tone of products, Customers understand and acknowledge that there may be cases where screen display differs from actual ones depending on monitor settings etc. For avoidance of confusion, pictures of products displaying on the Site are for indication purpose only.

5.     AEON Cambodia is not responsible for any failure or delay of the delivery of product which such failure incurs as result of any event or omission which is beyond our control and cannot be prevented that caused by forces of nature that cannot be anticipated, prevented, or controlled by the exercise of care, caution and prudence.


No Wrapping

AEON Cambodia does not serve ribbon, seal, wrapping, message card.


Receipt /Tax Invoice

1.     AEON Cambodia will issue receipt for Customers order and the issued receipt shall be delivered to Customers concurrently with the product delivery.

2.     AEON Cambodia will issue tax invoice to Customers’ attention based on Customers’ request subject to prior communication with Customer Service Center by providing the trading name of Customers for legal entity.

3.     AEON Cambodia shall not re-issue the receipt or tax invoice under any circumstance.



Customers agree that AEON Cambodia reserves right to modify and change Terms and Conditions at any time.  Any changes to this Terms and Conditions will be published on the Site. The continued use of or access to the Site by Customers following posting of any changes to Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes by Customers.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

1.     These Terms and conditions and any related agreements shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kingdom of Cambodia.

2.     If any dispute arises out of this Terms and Conditions, parties have agreed to seek an amicable solution.  In event of any disagreement or dispute between the parties, the parties shall seek to resolve matter by mediation failing which dispute shall be referred to and finally and conclusively resolved by arbitration in Cambodia at the National Commercial Arbitration Center (“NCAC”) according to rules of NCAC for time being in force. The Tribunal shall consist of one arbitrator.